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7 miles below the ocean surface something has awakened 2020/1/8 95 min.


The remake of the 2020 underwater thriller "Underwater" starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart is now available online. Also known as The Dark Shall Rise, the show has received mixed reviews from critics.

The movie is told from three different perspectives. This way it keeps the viewer guessing who is a good and who is a bad guy. The movie starts off with Ben (Kevin Hart) who is rescued from the sea by a group of fishermen.

Ben is then treated to a surprise visit from the blonde woman known as Undercover Beach's safety guard. The mysterious lady turns out to be the daughter of the hospital owner and deduces that she is going to be married soon.

This happens before Ben meets with a mysterious man called Lance (Dwayne Johnson). It turns out that Lance has a strong dislike for people who take things in their own hands, and he wants to make sure his daughter doesn't get married.

Next is Rachel (Taylor Snow), a member of the pawn shop who agrees to work with Ben as her lover. This is great news for Rachel because she wants to start her own business, but in a twisted way Ben's mother also comes into play.

The remaining characters are all tied together by a shared desire to stop the natural disasters and save lives. Each person brings something different to the party, and the script and storyline keep the viewers hooked.

The crew of the Undersea Explorer faces a challenging task in rescuing both the fishermen and their captain, who had been kidnapped by the pirates. A rescue mission against the backdrop of a menacing storm is the climax of the movie, as the heroes realize the difference between life and death.

The movie earned an average rating of just under five stars and many critics think that the remake makes more of an impact. In my view, this is a more interesting movie as the original was.

Original title Underwater
TMDb Rating 6.5 1372 votes
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