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The Gentlemen (2020)

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Criminal. Class. 2020/1/1 113 min.


The Gentlemen is a movie based on a novel by Anthony Horowitz. It is the second installment of the Gentlemen Series by the writer, and is the second film from his trilogy.

This film was directed by Joe Carnahan, who had previously directed a couple of high profile films, namely, The Lords of Salem and Inglourious Basterds. His movies were quite controversial among some Hollywood heavyweights, because most felt that they were of a different caliber from his previous movies. This criticism was also because of the fact that he did not take all the critics' criticisms seriously, as evidenced by the fact that Carnahan chose to direct a new and better story than what he had done before.

The film started with a school dance, a tradition that this movie took part in. When one of the residents of the local biker gang called for reinforcements, this sent the other bikers out to confront them.

In this genre, a typical plot structure is to go from point A to point B, where the movie wants to make the characters do something. When the characters try to avoid the enemies, we are supposed to know exactly why they're doing it. These set-ups can be very clever and give the director a lot of freedom as to how he wants to create his movie.

The Gentlemen follows the normal rules of the genre, even if it does deviate from them slightly. We see some of the locals of Orange County, California - men of action and spirit - as they set off on a mission, which they have not prepared themselves for: they are actually going to a bachelor party. When we meet them, most of them are not friends of the protagonist or anything, but they are all very much focused on getting one thing.

When Caleb goes to the party, everything turns out to be for nothing, as the target has been taken away from him. He ends up having to pick up a girl at the door, and he finally gets to leave, which is where the fun starts. The men have made their plans and they go with their plans. They are the kind of guys you would expect to see in a real life situation, and they always seem to get away with their crimes.

While the film is very entertaining, there are a few things that bother me about it. A couple of times, the characters or the action was far too fast, so much so that it caused some blurring in the scene. Also, sometimes, the film did use some inappropriate language, particularly in a way that made it sound like Caleb was being mocked. The whole movie is set during night time, and I thought the actors overacted the whole time, as it felt like they were shooting a video instead of acting in a real situation.

Overall, I think the Gentlemen Movie is an entertaining one. It's not much of a thriller, nor is it a classic - but it's very funny, which was enough for me. There were no major problems, so I could see why the movie has become such a cult movie, despite the fact that it was not a classic.

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