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2020/5/22 89 min.


I love watching the movie Survive the Night. This is my favorite movie by John Carpenter, so I was really excited to see it at the theaters when it came out.

The first thing that struck me about this movie was how a guy who moves in with his new family to start a new life and buy a new house, is in his person's room, watching a film. In this manner he feels he is part of the family, even though he does not get to interact with anyone. In a way, he is lonely, even though he is trying to fit in with everybody else.

There are two things that made me relate this movie to the series of the same name, because both were created by John Carpenter. First is the style of the movie.

John Carpenter himself is well known for his science fiction works, but he has also created movies that are more horror oriented. This is what I mean by the style of Survive the Night.

The second thing that I noticed is that both films are related to each other in some way. If you watch the first movie with a mindset that you will enjoy Survive the Night, then you will most likely enjoy the second movie too.

The movie itself was great. There were many memorable scenes, but I liked the one where the group of people all had to wait for the guy who was supposed to start their new life together, to come into the room. They all waited, until the man finally came in the room.

The plot line is very similar to the last season of the Series. The group of people must find a new place to live before a plague comes to kill them all.

In Survive the Night, the main character of character, James (Jared Leto) tries to find his wife and son, before the end of the movie. Once he has located them, he waits for them, until the time he has waited long enough for.

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