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Mystery loves company. 2020/5/15 94 min.


The latest comedy from the makers of "Bravo's finest" is Scoob! Here is the deal: what we call sass in Britain is basically a bastardized form of American high jinks. British people love making sass because it feels like a personal victory, and a good reason to dance and clap your hands. In a way, it's the British version of the American Super Bowl (which everyone in America watches without even realizing it).

Online fans are not so keen on the English sitcom that is Scoob!, for several reasons. To them, it's not about the superb slapstick, but about the English translation.

The online commentators hate the Scoob! translation so much, in fact, that they even call it a "translation." "There is no proper Scoob! British accent," sniffs one critic.

Although the translation of The Simpsons is completely fair (which is why we love it so much), there are some similarities between the British and American version of The Simpsons, which makes some online commentators cringe. In particular, one of the core British characters, "Krusty the Clown," has his American accent changed to the American "Rocky Horror," as has Homer Simpson. The changes are not made to enhance the joke, but to subvert it. The new American pronunciation, they claim, makes the show resembles a sped-up British version of The Office.

If you want to watch Scoob!, you can use the online subtitles to go along with the pictures to watch the episode in English and for laughs. And it can help if you know a few of the slang words from the show (and the BTS).

Still, the Brits have attempted to bring their version of Scoob! to the US, but there are no subtitles available. You might be able to Google "Scoob?" or "Scoob American," but you won't be able to see the show unless you are connected to satellite TV.

Even so, online viewers are getting tired of the same jokes over. The new British version of Scoob! is set to premiere on in January of next year.

Online viewers aren't exactly satisfied with this replacement. They say that the new British version is just as bad as the original show.

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