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2020/2/13 99 min.


Milea: Suara Dari Dilan is the sequel to Travandian. The movie is based on the novels of the same name written by Kazem Bulut. However, this movie is a spin-off of the first book.

The movie takes place in a story about a woman named Fatima who has been a victim of rape and remains a psychological torture as she is forced to live with her injuries and scars in an asylum. However, soon after the book's release, another female patient at the asylum would be diagnosed with the same condition. This would then trigger her to commit suicide.

As the story advances, it is revealed that her doctors are on the lookout for Gilda Lutz who is now in custody. Apparently, she had helped recover Fatima from the asylum and sent her to seek medical attention. In the meantime, the doctors also suspect that she might be responsible for the crime committed by the patient. It is soon made clear that this patient was responsible for Fatima's suicide.

One interesting part of the movie is that some people would get injured as a result of the accident. In this movie, some people got injured because of the cars that crash into the path of the main characters in the movie. The same happens to the car being driven by Fatima and it takes part in a near-accident. However, it is soon revealed that she would manage to avoid getting injured.

The plot is not very intricate and the movie ends up going in a series of adventure, comedy and suspense. The main characters are different from the ones found in Travandian. There are many new elements present in the movie. The plot seems to have borrowed elements from other films to make a smooth transition into the sequel.

The use of fictional characters from other movies is used to its full potential. They fit well into the story and add to the action and the suspense element of the story. Besides that, these elements also serve to increase the sense of realism as the movie tries to depict the real-life environment in which these fictional characters are living.

The movie attempts to combine and fuse several genres' elements, with the success that they achieve. Although the movie itself is not too successful in terms of its plot and execution, the role and performance of these actors and actresses give the movie a big boost of success. Their roles are well executed and the action scenes and suspenseful parts are well filmed.

The movie also proves that a strong heroine can be portrayed well by female characters, no matter what genre the movie is about. Even though the plot of the movie seems not to be very complex, the character development and dialogues of the lead female actors definitely help the movie succeed. If the film manages to have some good reviews and is given the nod as a cult movie, it is likely that the sequel will be released soon.

Original title Milea: Suara dari Dilan
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