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2020/5/22 117 min.


The Last Vermeer is a travelogue-like depiction of the Dutch painter's travels through Italy and Greece during the late 18th century. The movie has been made into a musical, which makes it an appropriate choice for being posted on the Internet, as its style and techniques are similar to that of the famous Walt Disney film Fantasia.

The Last Vermeer, directed by Maren Ade, tells the story of the travels of the artist during the last few years of his life. He is portrayed as a mystic-like figure, as he seems to live in a magical world of fantasy and nature imagery. His two best-known paintings are Sunrise at Foligno (Nouveau Salon) and Paradise in Vespucci (Self Portrait in Vespucci). The movie makes use of video to create a 3D effect and sound to enhance the experience of watching the movie.

The Last Vermeer is a musical about the artist Sergentijn van Rys. It was based on a book by the same name, which was published in 1991. The play has received good reviews from critics, but its box-office performance hasn't helped it a lot.

The story revolves around the composer Jos van der Kaars, who wants to perform a symphonic work based on a piece that the artist had composed in 1787, with an original opera setting. However, the opera house in which Sergentijn Van Rys is due to perform the piece is closed due to fire damage. The opera is unfortunately ruined, but the composer hires the painter's son Theo, who becomes obsessed with restoring the original work and completes the restoration with his own hands.

As the music begins to play in the opera house, the two characters of Theo and Sergentijn struggle with each other, despite both of them being strongly attached to their friend Sergentijn. The scenes from the last scene in Sergentijn's home play out and eventually bring them together in this comedic love story.

The music used in the movie also suggests a comparison between the flamenco style and the ambiance of nature depicted in Sergentijn's paintings. The colours in the painting series are kept intact in the movie, and the atmosphere is quite surreal.

The movie covers all of Sergentijn's paintings, which includes the classical painting Night on the Island of La Grande Jatte and the self-portrait Sunrise at Foligno, which represent a strange kind of genius and art, when you consider the context. The Last Vermeer is an entertaining and well-acted musical featuring some of the greatest performances by leading actors, such as Noel Fisher and William Baldwin.

Both the contemporary and historical film versions of Sergentijn's life and works have gained some popularity recently, with some critics being much more positive about the contemporary version. The Last Vermeer tells the story of the Dutch painter's life, which inspired many modern artists to use similar colour and design motifs and settings. Critics may disagree on which of the two versions is better, but the movie remains to be one of the most popular musicals ever made and is currently one of the highest-grossing movies ever.

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