Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

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The war to end all wars. 2020/5/5 90 min.


In the second series of Justice League Dark, we see a new group of villains called Apokolips invading Earth. The main villain in this series is Death, but we also have Pestilence, U-DO, and Prometheus.

It seems like there is a main reason for them to invade Earth; it seems that they are bent on destroying the Earth to stop evil from starting anew. In the story arc, this is done by a meteor. The meteor will enter Earth's atmosphere and begin to collide with the Earth, creating an apocalypse that eventually ends up destroying the planet.

When the meter reaches the earth, most of Apokolips jumps onto the meteor and starts to destroy the Earth. Justice League Dark's first encounter with the meteor happens after Blackheart's death, when he was struck down and destroyed by the meteor. But this does not mean that everyone who is in the Justice League Dark is safe. For example, it turns out that Deadman is still alive when the meteor enters the atmosphere, as he and other members of the Justice League Dark were not at the site of the meteor.

While everyone else in the Justice League Dark were busy defending themselves, Deadman transforms into one of the most dangerous creatures in the world; Vampira. Deadman was successful in killing several members of the Justice League Dark, including Raithwall and Simon Trent. After killing these three members, Vampira finds the top of a building in Mexico City and starts devouring a couple of city-dwellers.

For some strange reason, he does not kill them, but instead sends them back to the world below. While some of them try to reach an elevator, Guy Gardner manages to get inside, using a rubber hose. Guy breaks open the window and falls several stories below, where he is almost killed by falling cement.

At this point, Guy reaches a much better place, where he saves himself and tries to escape from the building. Fortunately, there is a giant metal weight on the far side of the building that draws Guy to it, allowing him to survive a fall and call for help.

Meanwhile, the other members of the Justice League Dark see Guy fall, and Guy's skeleton emerges from a pit in front of Guy and Raithwall. Raithwall quickly attacks Guy, but he is able to catch her and teleport her back to safety. After, he uses Guy's powers to transform the two of them into skeletons, then transforms Guy back into a man.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Justice League Dark: Apokolips film is that the television show was actually based on a series of comics written by Neil Gaiman, which was later adapted into a comic book. Though the Justice League Dark franchise is not a new one, the first time we see them is in the animated film.

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