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Some secrets should stay buried 2020/5/15 110 min.


In the previous paragraph we have listed the major genres of the serie. However, a combination of several genres can also be interesting and entertaining. Several filmmakers have combined several of them for a serie. Here is a review of an interesting movie by Netflix in the television serie; The Crown.

The story line for this serie was a literary play with a similar theme to Shakespeare's play. However, not in whole story line. There were several points of view that could be viewed. For example, the story could take place from some viewpoint of the queen and the king's advisor. There was a minor character, Claire, played by Mandy Moore.

The overall tone of the movie was relaxing and calming. It reminded me of a modern film from the French genre film. However, I think the director, Matthew Heineman did a great job in adapting his favorite literature of King.

The movie also had a little bit of action. We saw some very close fight scenes. Unlike any action film that I watched before. While it was effective, I was not so impressed by the special effects at all. I just felt the movie was going to be more memorable if they try to create something out of nothing.

They tried to portray what super hero is all about. Well, they did this and it works. You can find out the truth about your family's ancestors' history, if you watch this movie. We learn how important trust is between royalty.

What could have been better is if they try to create a story line where your parents met as a result of certain event. Instead of the story, just trying to figure out why your family came into existence. I just think the goal of the director Matthew Heineman is in the right direction. However, he failed in achieving this goal.

The characters are well developed and all of them had their own different point of view. Some of them seem like they are telling us things we don't want to hear. But, some of them are telling us what is really important. You may feel that some of the characters are unbelievable. But, it is possible to believe some of the stories they are telling.

The acting is well done. I feel that they did the best they could do in portraying their character. Overall, I found this movie to be very entertaining. I believe that the director, Matthew Heineman did a great job in adapting his favorite literary masterpiece to the screen. The Crown by Netflix is definitely worth watching if you have some free time on your hands.

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