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We all pay for our crimes in the end. 2020/5/12 103 min.


Each series of "Lethal Weapon" features Americana look and feel. Each series has a fresh, non-stereotypical style and feel and audience knows this. The third season features the latest edition of "Capone."

Unlike the other series, "Capone" is set in a fictional town in Pennsylvania called Fagin's Landing. The second season follows aspiring boxer Justin "Juicy" Big. His story parallels that of Landon Capone. Although he struggles to make it big as a boxer, he is successful and becomes a celebrated fighter.

Bobby is in jail for killing a man named John. He has a black eye but, of course, his appearance isn't enough to persuade the judge that he's guilty. However, after he's released, he's greeted by a mobster, who asks him about his new girlfriend, "Paula." Bobby immediately grabs a gun and kills him.

When Bobby is sent to prison, it's clear that his life has been irrevocably changed. He's now a violent thug, determined to get a taste of what "Capone" once had - vengeance.

In "Mafia", a documentary series, it is revealed that some of the members of the third series may have been killed by their own men. In "Capone", there is a sequence where one of the characters describes the mafioso's killing as "killing to win." In "Capone", Bobby's man assigns his new partner to "follow the boss." The new partner later is shot and killed by Bobby, who supposedly was afraid that he was following him.

As a result, a mobster's son in Chicago sends a hit man to kill Bobby and Landon, hoping to avenge his father's death. Tosave Bobby and Landon's lives, Bobby tricks the hit man and receives a glimpse of his past, while Landon watches and marvels at how his life has changed.

The second series, "Poppin' and Shootin'," are not a prequel to the first series, "Lethal Weapon." Rather, it continues from where the second series left off, while the first series concentrates on Landon and Bobby.

In a final scene, we learn that Bobby had been a mafioso himself or at least was considered a mafioso. So it seems that he was never given the chance to reach his true potential because of his own fighting methods. Perhaps he will now have the chance to truly be a police officer, because he has always wanted to be.

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