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When the mission ends, redemption begins 2020/4/24 116 min.


When movies are extracted from the original DVD, they have a limited number of times before being burned to another disc and re-used. The process of DVD extraction is what allows movies to be duplicated and resold in many cases. This process is not unique to DVDs, but the number of times they can be extracted is.

The DVD has a number of functions. It is capable of storing digital information that can then be copied onto an original DVD for playback. At times, the original discs might not be compatible with all computers or older machines. That is where DVD extraction comes in.

For example, in the Robert Altman film "Short Cuts," there is a scene where a restaurant in Paris hires a man to cut onions for them. After he has done a good job, he gets an omelet and prepares it for himself. By the end of the meal, the employee is satisfied, and after asking the waiter if he has anything else to do, he walks away, leaving the chef with nothing but the onions.

When the omelet is ready, he takes it to his counter and by accident drops it in the soup before saying goodbye to the chef. The next morning, he wakes up to find that the chef has apparently been murdered and, to make matters worse, he only has one hour to get to the police station, a time at which he cannot spare any more time.

Extraction and re-use are major parts of DVD extraction and re-use. The scene in the Robert Altman film "Short Cuts" was extracted and re-used many times before a person realized that it was a complete make-believe. Many people watch movies like this in order to laugh at their own ridiculousness and then think of other movies where it was absurd to think that a method such as this would work. There was a whole genre of movies called "LOL-worthy" where people would watch movies and feel that it was funny to see things done in a different way.

The director of the movie, Tom Hanks, decided to extract the entire scene and re-use it. He did this because he realized that it was impossible to make a new movie around the scene, no matter how hard he tried. When the director saw the scene again, he realized that it had all been extracted, so he decided to recreate it. When he re-created it, he was able to do it without any errors and to be much funnier than he could have possibly been had he not extracted the entire scene.

This is why it is important to extract and re-use scenes, even if they are scenes that were done in a different movie or serie. It is much easier to do it by seeing it than by hearing about it. Many people are unaware of the fact that they can extract and re-use movies, including movies that were made more than a decade ago. Most of these movies are still available on DVD, and many people have never heard of them.

A scene that has been extracted and re-used before is often helpful to people who are trying to remember what they did while watching a movie that they saw ten years ago. It is possible to re-create a scene and re-use it, and even better, to re-create scenes that had been extracted and re-used before, as many movies that were made decades ago do not have a repeat scene.

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