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Coffee & Kareem (2020)

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2020/4/3 88 min.


What you get in a Kareem and Coffee & Kareem DVD is enough to make your eyes sparkle. Yes, we are talking about Kareem and his beloved sweetheart Kola, which continue their fairy tale love story in the film as it continues to flow like a stream. One of the most happening plotlines is when Kareem takes Kola to Paris to be with her acting teacher. The guys in Kareem's entourage try to discourage him but Kareem has his heart set on his dream and wouldn't be dissuaded by what he thought was fate.

As we all know, Kareem was a professional boxer who won world championships and had won the vacant Olympic boxing championship in 1964. He was also trained by Joe Louis.

With Kareem at the helm, Kareem's team goes on a mission to win the hearts of France. Kareem makes a plan that will test his powers as an athlete and a strategy to make a world tour. The French also see Kareem as the best of the best in boxing and they're not wrong. You get the feeling that they are the only people around Kareem and Kola that Kareem has respect for.

You also get the feeling that he has respect for the woman he's with, Lola because she is a hot cougar waitress in Paris who Kareem feels he can't resist. It just seems like Kareem really cares about her and want her to go out with him because he knows she will follow him no matter what.

We also get the feel that the guy who can't resist Lola is one of the best fighters in the game: the hot cougar waitress! She brings a fighter's mentality to the table. She is a warrior and is a woman who have fought back and protected herself with all she has got against the tough French.

Although Kareem and Kola's mission takes them to a lot of trouble, the end result is always well worth the effort and trouble. For those who didn't see the movie, it's a great time to relive the movie scenes to enjoy again the movie they saw the first time. However, if you haven't seen the movie yet and you're a Kareem fan, then you definitely need to purchase a Kareem and Coffee & Kareem DVD and watch it again.

In addition to Kareem and Lola, the Kareem serie contains 11 movies all of which are enjoyable and are worth your time. One of the most intriguing serie is Kareem's first movie, "The Hissing of Damascus." In this film, he gets the chance to go undercover as a journalist while simultaneously finding out how he becomes involved with a Syrian Muslim man.

Other serie are called "The Untouchables," "A Game of Go," "Lawrence of Arabia," "Stones of the Desert," "Ruthless Angel," "House of Gold," "The Big Bad Wolf," "Evil Dead," "Sin City," "Monster," "The Last Temptation of Christ"Son of Man." Kareem has many other movies to choose from and each have titles like "The Last Temptation of Christ," "Lust For Life," "Enemy of Man," "Evil Dead II," "The Sons of the Desert," "The Lords of Death," "Hurt"In the Name of the King."

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