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Serie A: Story of an Italian Family is a well known movie which features Italian families living in North America. The film was directed by Sergio Leone. The plot revolves around spaghetti, fashion and families.

The first part is all about the real life Italian families, the second one is based on the history. The trilogy has a total of seven parts that will be aired in five different parts. There are two different series and the six parts are titled as Seria A - In the beginning; Seria B - Its time for dinner, Seria C - famed Italian life, Seria D - The story of an Italian family and Seria E - The story of a realistic family.

The first part of the Seria series takes place in Denver Colorado in 1879. It is a time of transition when jazz music became popular and gangs rule Denver streets. At this time, Italian families started moving to the United States to escape the chaos in Italy. Italian kids were even sent to military schools to learn English to prepare them for future education.

Students who failed the school were sent to work on farms until they passed the courses. The series starts with the family of Angelino's, who is the main character and whose story would be followed throughout the movie.

When Angelino's family learns about his wife cheating on him, they decided to move to New York to get her back. The problem with this move is that his brother Domenico is the best friend of the husband, Miguel, and when Angelino learns that his brother is not happy with the marriage, he decides to follow his brother's footsteps and comes back to Italy.

The family were caught on camera and the whole family got into a reality TV show called "Adopt a Family". In this reality show, they have to live together as a family under the same roof. The second part of the Seria series tells the story of "A Realistic Family". This series stars Lidia and the daughter of Manuela; it will include the children's stories about the family and the competitions between them.

There is no reason why you should not watch the series seria, if you do not know what the series seria is about. To watch the seria series, you can log on to the online version of DVD. The seria is available in four languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French.

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