Brahms: The Boy II
Brahms: The Boy II (2020)

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2020/2/20 86 min.


Based on the three plays by Ludwig Bemelmans "Brahms: The Boy", this is the first play based on the life of the great composer. It is the first to chronicle Brahms' early years, before he was famous. In this play, we are introduced to not only his father and grandfather, but also to his teachers.

Robert Henderson is the voice of Brahms' story. One of the characters in the play is called "Mr. Finster". Robert Henderson is an author in the showbusiness who is always trying to get to Brahms' studio. The ending of the play takes place in a wedding of Robert Henderson and Anna Hansens.

The movie is based on the entire play by Bemelmans. The opening sequence of the movie is the scene where Sir Edwin Arnold and Anna Hansens stand side by side watching the wedding and listen to the music that they are playing. The whole movie is a story of their journey as they try to become singers for both aristocrats and commoners.

The movie "The Boy II" has a very beautiful score. I love it, and it definitely adds to the romantic feel to the whole movie.

To make things even more romantic, Robert Bremel is one of the main characters in the movie "Serie". He is the composer of the opera "Salome" (which is performed in both German and English language versions). Robert is an original character, who is written as a male and is played by British actor John Rolfe. Also, I love how the film is really a retelling of a classical work (Serie) which is then depicted as a modern musical.

This movie actually seems to be a mixture of everything I love about classical music. With Robert and John Rolfe as the lead characters, "The Boy II" is a very romantic movie, which can be viewed by people of all ages. I love how the story is told through dance and music, and how the choreography is done so beautifully.

Also, the songs, which are used throughout the movie, are classical and very beautiful. Most of the songs used in the movie are part of the Seria trilogy. The music in the film is very rich and beautiful, which is perfect for a movie like this.

In conclusion, "The Boy II" is a romantic film for both classical music lovers and moviegoers. I loved the beautiful music, and the dancing sequences in the movie were perfect.

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