Zombieland: Double Tap
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

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2019/10/9 99 min.


Based on the novel of the same name by Shaun of the Dead author Alex Garland, Zombieland: Double Tap Deluxe Edition is a sequel to the 2020 comedy hit of the same name. The movie has been heralded by critics and fans as a hilarious and exciting addition to the original. This review discusses the plot of the movie along with the characters who populate it.

The story begins when Danny Dreyfuss (James McAvoy) suddenly falls ill and his friends wonder what is wrong with him. A simple virus makes Danny's skin turn black and prevents him from feeding. He soon learns that he has Lupus, a disease that kills off his white blood cells, meaning that his body can't fight off infection.

Soon he has become the newest member of the zombie army. However, his ability to communicate with other zombies has left him stranded in a city in the United States. With nowhere else to go, he is forced to adapt to life in the wilderness by forming a new social hierarchy, with each zombie dominating another in an intricate game of survival.

When the zombie army goes out on a strike, however, they discover that not all is the same. A divided group turns on each other, leaving them to fight over a carcass. The human castaways have been corralled and now stand against the zombie horde, who are hungry and more powerful than they ever expected. The titular Double Tap, a member of the zombie crew, manages to escape the herd but is captured by his friends.

The sequel to the original movie makes for an entertaining watch. It also manages to include elements of the original without being overtly derivative of it. It features some solid performances from its cast and includes a great collection of actors and actresses, with some returning names making appearances as well.

Although Zombieland does tackle some serious themes of race and prejudice in its lead character, the movie as a whole is far more light-hearted than the zombie movie that came before it. The film's plot is effectively drawn and characters are given full development and some excellent humor.

The cast does a great job of giving their own take on a zombie movie. McAvoy fits in as Dreyfuss smoothly and his best moments are in the comic relief. There are even some well-done action sequences in the film that help make it all the more watchable.

A big reason why Zombieland: Double Tap Deluxe Edition works so well is the unique animation style of the movie. The zombified undead look so realistic looking that you'll never forget them.

Original title Zombieland: Double Tap
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