Jumanji: The Next Level
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Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Jumanji: The Next Level

2019/12/4 123 min.


Hollywood has liked the late sequels for a while this afternoon. Sometimes they are titles that did not enjoy great success at the time but then quickly became cult titles - We think for example in 'Tron' or 'Blade Runner' - but in other cases they simply took longer than account to materialize. ‘Jumanji’ belongs to the second group.

'Jumanji' is one of the most emblematic entertainment films of the 90s and at the time had an animated television adaptation and a spiritual sequel in the esteemed 'Zathura', but the outcome of the film led by Robin Williams invited to wait for a more traditional continuation. 22 years we have had to wait to see it and I have good news on top, since ‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ is a very enjoyable hobby and a sequel more than worthy, watch it online to see it for yourself.

The funny thing is that Sony's initial idea was to make a remake instead of a sequel, but Williams's tragic death and the bad reception he had the news were key to going in another direction. The thing briefly calmed down until the appearance of the first image and the subsequent confirmation that the board game was not going to appear in the film triggered the fear of desecrating the original tape. Understandable fears that we will be disassembling step by step.

First of all it should be clarified that ‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ respects the original mythology but is forced to update a key detail. Yes, there are people who continue to use board games - we among them - but their popularity pales before video games. In fact, in 2006 one appeared adapting the tape directed by Joe Johnston and in the title that concerns us we chose to assimilate the narrative of video games and apply it to the last consequences.

Of course, it does it by mixing a simple approach to be accessible to the public with a varied succession of crazy adventures that the biggest hit that we can put is that the most exciting and “cool” is just something that tells a character that It has happened instead of seeing it on the screen. That does not take away so that 'Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle' is very dynamic - it may take a while to start, but it is so that everything makes some sense, so we will not complain - and have several set pieces to remember .

That means that the look of the protagonists has to conform to a series of usual parameters in the video games of yesteryear-eye, which makes sense that it is. That was what they wanted to explain to us with that controversial first image and they did not know how to transmit us in the proper way. Jake Kasdan does get us to understand it and also knows how to take advantage of the weapons he has at his disposal.

In this way, one even recognizes the different “screens” that the protagonists have to face and even replicates the need for a growing difficulty so that the trip never falters. There it is true that there is some small ups and downs, but the great chemistry among its protagonists prevents that ends up turning against it and then everything returns to the right direction.

Regarding the cast, it is undeniable that Robin Williams's absence is noted, since his interpretation was one of the great keys for ‘Jumanji’ to conquer so many spectators. Those responsible for the sequel sure already had it and that is why they opted for a shared role with bases that slightly remind of The Breakfast Club’.

In short, ‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ is a stimulating update of the franchise in which, obviously, the absence of Robin Williams is noted. In spite of this, it exceeds as entertainment and is respectful of the first installment without falling into the error of trying to make a covert remake, watch it now and enjoy.

Original title Jumanji: The Next Level
TMDb Rating 6.8 2922 votes

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