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The Wretched (2019)

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2019/7/10 95 min.


The Wretched was a Korean drama series, which is produced by Korean Satellite TV network. The drama revolves around three sisters who are relatively rich, yet poor to a point that they have difficulty earning even the minimum payment required by their relatives.

Their relative was so poor, she did not care about her well-being until she found out that she was the black sheep of the family. They all met with an accident and after a devastating accident left one sister paralyzed. One of the daughters is also working to provide for her family, but because of her lack of education and social status, it is difficult for her to earn enough.

But despite their poverty, they still make sure that the poor female character will not be forgotten. The two youngest sisters are so kind and considerate with her, that their attitude can turn the blind eye on others.

They all wanted to have the beautiful sister that they fell in love with, but she was taken from them. It took them three years to get her back. They never abandoned hope that they would be reunited and that her sister will come back to them.

The sisters come to know of the existence of a rich girl who lives in Seoul. She is the sister of the sister's dead husband. The sisters try to learn more about her, in the hopes that she will make them attractive for the family reunion.

The sister falls in love with the rich girl because she is his sister, but she is unable to stop thinking about the accident that left his other sister paralyzed. He tells her that the accident was unavoidable and that he was the only one who could not accept that fact. When he fell in love with her, he could not leave his poor sister behind.

Eventually, the two siblings make it to the reunion together. But the poor sister realized how much her sister wants her back, and she came back with the richest sister. The other sister would make a good second wife for the richest sister.

The Wretched was broadcasted in Korean as part of the popular K-drama serie called Bomi. The Wretched has been well-received in Korea, but there are criticisms about the romantic comedy scenes. There were critics who criticized the story's themes and how it helped uplift the view of the viewers.

Original title The Wretched
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