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His story changed history 2019/11/1 209 min.


The new film by Martin Scorsese, adaptation of the book "I Heard You Paint Houses" by author Charles Brandt arrives on the small screen of Netflix, The Irishman it's a movie that might seem boring as a premise, starring a lot of old men in bad business, which is a premise we're all used to see in movies, however The Irishman presents it in a dramatic, innovative and interesting way that will keep your eyes glued to the screen for the more than 3 hours of footage. Watch now the movie to find out how interesting it is.

This Martin Scorsese adaptation stars a masterful cast, with names such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel

The premise revolves around the lives of a veteran who was in service during World War II and also took part in the assassination of Jimmy Hoffa, as he was not only a war veteran but also a hitman. Therefore, we'll see the great fiction drama behind one of America's biggest unsolved cases in crime history; Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance.

The Irishman is a masterpiece and that should be enough, the film of Scorsese, full of all his styles that we already know and that he already knows enough to exploit them as much as he does here. The film puts you in the background in the underworld of the mafia, the viewer is in the front row and is knowing how it works and how this world is handled.

The story includes a lot of politics, one could even say that it influences thoughts about it. There is much of the story and we see great moments in the story from the point of view of the protagonists. The person who does not have some knowledge about these events may feel lost, it is also a film that needs and requires attention, it is not for everyone.

The narration with which the film is told is a journey, the story makes you connect with the characters, get you interested in the story and the life of these characters, so you even get excited to see how it is happening The time inside the movie.

An important part to achieve this is the actors, the viewer barely sees Robert De Niro or Joe Pesci or Al Pacino, connects a connection with them, they are magnetic and we all know that.

Performances are things from another world. The Pacino is seen very loosely, very liberated, in a paper that is painted. De Niro is wonderful, stunning and Joe Pesci lives up to everything. The chemistry that is achieved on the screen among all is sensational, first-class stars interacting with each other and having fun to the audience while it is clear that they had even more fun working with that team, they all give you a smile.

The film includes moments with CGI, where some actors are rejuvenated, an effect that is not always easy to achieve and perform it as correctly as in this film, you adapt and at no time deconcentrate or take you out of history. Watch it now to see for yourself

The movie is three hours long, and to the surprise of much maybe, the three and a half hours do not feel. they could have been more, but they clearly knew where to finish it to tell what had to be told, nothing more, nothing less, work from beginning to end.

Scorsese achieves something impressive, manages to return to a base that was believed lost, every movie fan has to see it, it is pure cinema, three hours of a classic plot of the director, with cunning dialogues, an almost dark humor that catches you, and some characters with an impressive development that are also accompanied by wonderful performances.

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