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Based on an actual lie. 2019/7/12 100 min.


The Farewell by Anton Chekhov is a short but extremely moving play written by the author. It's based on his own life as a war correspondent in WWI. It's not your usual short play but this is probably the best way to describe The Farewell.

During his stay in this place (he doesn't know it at the time), Chekhov notices that people have died in this place. They are described as heaps of black stuff, which can be related to death or some kind of disease. You see, these people died long before him and he just didn't know what he should do. So he just stoops down and talks to them.

In order to keep the audience's attention, he "plays" their dying moments. He plays them over again in order to show us the consequences of our actions. For example, during the last scene he uses an ordinary food product as a dummy to stick his finger into, so that we can witness the person's agony. During this scene, he's also playing the person who is pretending to be very ill - the pretend patient. The audience sees his finger, there is no other way to see it, because the wound is so deep that his finger looks like a sea creature.

At the final stage, when Chekhov asks the audience to take away the stuff, they don't like it at all. They throw it all on the ground and Chekhov gets it all clean. It's funny because as we're watching him washing the stuff, the audience just takes it as a spectacle, like some kind of game - something to amuse them.

Everyone just enjoys the entire scene and takes it for granted that what happens will happen, so no one cares too much about what actually happened. In the end, the play is being watched by everyone.

In addition, this is a scene that would stay with me for a long time and it would show me how important it is to always take our eyes off our problems. I never realize how lucky I am to be alive and this scene helped me realize that.

In fact, this scene is very important because it puts the people to a place where they will be acting on impulse, which is exactly what we need to do to solve our problems. So while we are trying to make sense of things, let's focus on creating our new reality. And while doing that, we need to start somewhere, so let's take a detour in this play and turn our attention to something that has the potential to change our life.

I strongly recommend The Farewell, a play by Chekhov directed by Fyodor Dostoevsky. You can find a stream of similar short stories by the author at the Serie.

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