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Welcome to the day after judgement day 2019/10/23 128 min.


When in doubt, repeat the same movie. This maxim, which usually includes both artists in decay or intermittent inspiration and production franchises without risk capacity or whose inventiveness has dried up, is the one that Terminator has taken as a mischievous shortcut called Terminator: Dark Fate, sixth feature film of the saga; in principle, exposed as a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and so it is by the chronological order of the story, although in reality, the obvious idea has been to trace the structure, essences and character portrait of that second installment from the series, directed by James Cameron, as a veiled revival.

Directed by Tim Miller, responsible for the funny movie that stole everyone's heart not so much ago, Deadpool, Dark Fate is not at the level of the first two films, the formidable of 1984 and 1991, both of Cameron, and perhaps not that of the unjustly abused contribution of Jonathan Mostow, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines (2003), endowed with some very personal architecture and choreography of the action, works of the then excellent director of Breakdown and U-571. But it does rise clearly above the pompous Terminator Salvation (2009) and the discreetly conventional Terminator Genesis (2015).

It goes by with certain contemporary notes in the script, but, above all, with a charismatic cast headed by the unstoppable photogenicity of Mackenzie Davis. And yet, it is devalued by the prototype of contemporary graduation of the action sequences, with an excessively overwhelming half an hour of initial work, while the characters are presented in just a few sketches, although with hardly any dialogues (in Terminator 2, more leisurely, solid and fascinating, the first long sequence of action does not occur until the 30th minute), and another final half-hour of chaining fights without pause in various scenarios (here yes, exactly the same as in Cameron's second film). An elephantic proportion of physical energy and CGI effects, which, also due to the characteristics of the terminators, makes Terminator: Dark Fate indistinguishable in many moments from many of today's superhero productions. Watch it online to see what we're talking about.

The main novelties are the open feminism, so in keeping with the times, and an accentuation of the border character that the second installment already had, with the presence of Natalia Reyes as virtual protagonist, that of a handful of Spanish interpreters (Trist√°n Ulloa, Alicia Borrachero, Enrique Arce), the novelty that the villain terminator has Latin traits (Gabriel Luna), in an exact role to that of Robert Patrick in the Cameron film, and, as one of the keys, with the marked socio-labor and immigration.

The movie could not go without to trying to be or feel more modernized for today's standards, however, it might just feel as if the same was just trying to call the attention, without really facing these issues with the deepness and maturity with which they should be treated, it is just trying to fit, it doesn't feel original, and it does not feel as if it had a voice to distinguish among all the other action and nostalgic movies that have been released this year. 

Although perhaps it is the meeting of Arnold Schwarzenegger, myth, sense of humor, nostalgia, and Linda Hamilton, character and beauty based on grooves, Terminator: Dark Fate it is an entertaining movie to watch.

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