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Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

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It’s time to step up. 2019/6/28 129 min.


The first season of the Internet series Spider-Man: Far from Home was another solid outing from the folks at Marvel Entertainment. This series follows Peter Parker, a special child with incredible powers who gets caught up in a plan that is a little bit too large for his neighborhood and his beloved community.

For those who are not aware, the Seria Corporation, an organization funded by John and Winston Johnsons, supplies any type of supervillain weapons, with the exception of weapons made by Electro, who happens to be the only Marvel hero who can create an electrified glove that is extremely deadly against other super heroes. The group seeking to destroy the Seria Corporation is comprised of Captain Stacy, a U.S. military veteran turned mercenary; and Dominic Fortune, a charming FBI agent who has begun to suffer from amnesia. Both men have been given the task of stopping the Seria Corporation's most dangerous operation.

The series was successful, online and offline. Since it is now being adapted into a movie, the question comes to mind, does it hold up? Is the series going to be able to withstand the test of time and still be considered as a great movie? Let's find out if the online adaptation of this movie holds up.

The pacing is slow in the online version of Spider-Man: Far from Home. There is not enough time for the viewer to become familiar with the characters and their backgrounds. In fact, the pacing feels more like it has been condensed down to just a short story than being told in an entire season of the TV series.

This lack of time to familiarize the viewer with the characters is also visible in the online movie adaptation of Spider-Man: Far from Home. The story seems to be divided into several stories, each of which is reduced to its barest essence. It seems that all these stories are to be added on to later, but it is a little confusing since they could have been told separately.

This leaves the viewer confused about the other major character in the film, Mary Jane Watson. We don't know her background or how she became a freelance private investigator with extraordinary powers, we just know that she is part of the team tasked with protecting the Seria Corporation and stopping the criminal masterminds who are trying to bring it down.

The online film version of Spider-Man: Far from Home also features a low level budget for special effects, which could have been better utilized to give us an awesome scene where it is revealed who the villain of the movie is. The low quality of the special effects is not helped by the sometimes low audio quality of the footage, which leaves one wondering if the entire film was filmed on an average quality camera.

Overall, the online adaptation of Spider-Man: Far from Home is more of a slow paced movie. While it does have some moments of excitement, it lacks the bite that the series received from its TV show counterpart.

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