Richard Jewell
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Richard Jewell (2019)

Richard Jewell

2019/12/13 131 min.


The movie Serie A features a lot of characters, one of them being Richard Jewell, a known gunslinger. He is also the main character in the movie, which was directed by Danny Boyle and produced by Jon Platt.

During the entire film Serie A, the protagonist seeks help from different people, who have extraordinary skills. In the beginning, he goes for private detective Stephen McNulty. However, the interesting part here is when Jewell asks Mac to search his case.

The movie has a lot of violence, some of it that involves dismemberment and body parts. Although the scenes are disturbing, it is justified in the movie Serie A. Besides, in the beginning of the movie, we see Jewell's gun in a live firing situation, which means that there is no risk for his life, as he will be shot during the movie.

Despite of the quality of the movie, it does not really leave an impression on me, unless of course I enjoy a thriller. That is why I think that Hollywood has not paid attention to the aspect of quality. Because of that I wanted to find out what the viewer's reaction is.

Well, this was one of the things that I have asked myself and after finding out that the viewer's reaction is positive, I decided to go ahead and give the movie a shot. I really liked the first scene, where you can see Jewell as the sniper. It made me wonder what would happen if he faced a battle with hordes of thugs, as he had during the movie Serie A.

To make the scene even more interesting, he uses a pistol and rifles, which he uses in a slow and steady way. The action is also interesting, which has all the rules. When he leaves the helicopter, he uses a huge mask to cover himself. It looks as if he is trying to make it look like he is wearing a helmet.

However, it could be obvious that he is not a private detective, as he uses an everyday motorcycle. Although it is an unknown that is why people do not recognize him, because of his work as a regular motorcycle rider.

Although not as good as a thriller, as compared to other Bourne movies, it does not bother me as much as some movies, because I have seen enough of them. It is not that bad, compared to some horror movies that I watched.

Original title Richard Jewell
TMDb Rating 7.5 598 votes

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