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Recep İvedik 6 (2019)

Recep İvedik 6

2019/11/7 N/A min.


In this article we are going to discuss the Movie "Serie degli Amanni" and what made it as great and enjoyable as it is. The Movie Serie del Amanni is a TV Series, which was made to give the chance to a Roman Citizen to enjoy their Holiday in Romania. But in the movie, it was also possible for them to learn many English-Grammar basics to be used while on their Holidays.

The Film Series started to be made in 1997 and it's been shown at many Film Festivals like the International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. The Movie was quite an outstanding success and it got a standing of million viewers around the Globe. It became one of the most liked Documentaries from Hungary and it became the official entry of the best Documentary Series and it became even a TV Series after its release.

The Movie Serie del Amanni offers a good mix of very nice images, captivating story, attractive visuals and good story-lines that needed to be enjoyed by an individual to get the full effect. The lighting was not too bright, the performances were quite realistic and the scenes were well designed so that it would be enjoyable by everybody who goes to watch the Movie.

The Movie was perfectly scripted and it's also was prepared according to all the expectations of the viewers. The Movie began with the introduction of an Italian Engineer who, in fact, decided to join the Romania Holidaying Tour in order to make sure that the celebrations would be smooth and that all the guests would enjoy their Holiday to the best level.

But when the first group of tourists arrived, they were shocked with what they see and they learned the same thing. The scenes were very beautiful and captivating and it made the group of tourists turn away from the rest. After that, the word "Holidays" was given the title "Glamping" and the next title of the Movie was made a Movie titled "Fashion", when the rest of the group of tourists have started to start their adventure on their Christmas-Holiday.

They stayed in small tents in the middle of the woods of the "Campi degli Indolfoni" (Summer Season) and they talked about their memories and feelings. There were some failures during the camping but all these experiences led them to say that the Romanian Holiday is actually not bad if you can go through the hardships.

The Music was also very musical and varied in terms of the whole visual presentation of the Movie Series and "Serie degli Amanni" became a winner in this regard. The Movie itself was also packed with a great story, so you won't be bored when you watch the Movie.

The Final-Act of the Movie "Serie degli Amanni" showed a new group of tourists and it was about their attempts to stay and enjoy the life of a Romanian. The goal of the Movie was to improve the national image of Romania to the global society and the conclusion of the Movie was rather impressive.

Original title Recep İvedik 6
TMDb Rating 4.4 18 votes

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