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Parasite (2019)


Act like you own the place. 2019/5/30 133 min.


Genre-bending shows like the Parasite have become a staple of action genre TV. The show takes place in London, one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. However, the City is also home to many immigrants, one of whom is Dr. Jeremy Hector, an enterprising academic. Hector is currently working on a plan to attract foreign investments and improve London's economy.

One day, Hector receives a disturbing news report about a serial killer who has been targeting the global crime syndicate run by terrorist, Sir Gerard Jenkins. Although Hector sets out to solve the case, he soon realizes that the more he delves into the mysterious criminal, the more he learns about the clientele that the syndicate is run by. In the process, Hector also uncovers clues and learns of a secret world of secret meetings. All of this is put into play in order to solve the mystery of the identity of the serial killer.

The show also features a supporting character called John Spink, an ex-sergeant of the London Metropolitan Police. He is an efficient and energetic officer, but at the same time, he is very curious and sharp to his surroundings. At first, he seems to be working for Hector, but later reveals his own reasons to join the team.

The movie, which is a story of a series of mystery and suspense, is divided into two parts. The first part, "Queen Of Time" centers around the murder of a Swedish immigrant, playing a central role in a series of bombings in London. It is also revealed that this person is a member of the international crime syndicate.

In the second part, "Genesis" (the name of a musical piece by the band, Genesis), the Detective Inspector John Spink finds himself in more trouble when he starts to hear ominous information from the member of the crime syndicate. The story in this part involves both betrayal and treachery that had long been hidden. The only way to solve the crime and prevent the syndicate from striking again is to find out who is behind all of the crimes.

The Movie Trailer of the Parasite is making rounds among movie buffs, and it has also gained popularity on the Internet. It includes an extract from the Parasite Episode I - "Queen Of Time". The trailer features clips of actors Patrick Macnee, Kieran Poole, and Jez Fielding and music composed by David Arnold.

The third installment of the famous and much loved sci-fi series, the Movie Trailer of the Parasite also features interviews with Executive Producer John Campbell and Writer Simon Rogers. This clip features a couple of episodes in sequence, from the very first one until the last one of the third season of the series. It also includes an interview with the actor John Fielding.

The Last episode of the Spin-Off Series of the Parasite, the Movie Trailer of the Parasite Season 3 makes a mockery of the television network that presented the TV series, a UK-based channel. The Movie Trailer of the Parasite Season 3 gives the viewer an insight of the twisted events that took place in the world of the UK version of the series. It also features interviews with Matt Forney and Tom MacDougall.

Original title 기생좩
TMDb Rating 8.5 5890 votes

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