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To get things moving, let's look at the structure of Serie and how you can love the way you are. Then, in line with love the way you are, we'll continue by taking a look at a good example.

The reason for all this discussion is to demonstrate that Serie is very similar to the movie Love Story. In the movie, love is a legitimate choice, a decision to be made to move things along in the direction that you want. We see this all over the place in Love Story.

It starts with love as represented by the blind girl who's been brought into the story to act as a guide for the road. She's an angel from a celestial race that are much like us. Her job is to just let the blind children of earth know about what's coming up. She just knows.

But before long, she gets a song out of the young woman named Sweet Pea who's on her way to see her childhood hero named Buttercup. She begins to teach the blind children about the upcoming rodeo.

Love happens around the blind girls too. For the first time they feel that they have the power to bring two people together. They learn that their loved ones love them and they love them back. This may have happened in real life too, but we're not yet there.

Where Serie is different is that as you progress through the stages of this journey, love happens naturally. You don't have to act on it or decide to do something about it. When it happens, it's just that - happening.

After all, the final question asked by this little girl is "Can I love you?" And she gets the answer in the affirmative. But remember tolove the way you are.

Now, if you have read Serie and you would like to make love the way you are, that's great. You're probably ready to know a little more about the sequence of the two movies. The other option is to see Love Story again and have some fun.

Original title 我的青春都是你
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