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The theme of the Little Women series is one that can be adapted to almost any period of history. The story is about a man named Richard II who lives through four different generations and knows that his kingdom is on the brink of decline and then destruction. In addition, there are three of the original seven Little Women writers that write songs that help describe the different characters in the series.

Despite being a children's book series that was created over two hundred years ago, the movie adaptation of the Little Women is no less of a success. It brings the real world and real people into the story, offering some real human elements to the story.

The first movie was released in 2020 and told the story of the first Little Women novel, which focused on King Richard. Following the story chronologically, the movie opened with a royal party being thrown by Queen Matilda. There is also a young female servant named Becky who has been left at the house by her father, but she seems to be running away from her life as well.

After the event, the person rushes to the airport to get his daughter to safety. He gets lost in the chaos that follows and ends up heading into the English countryside with no choice but to take the train back home. He finally meets up with Becky, who is in search of the "little lost girls" (evoking the term for eight-year-old girls in the series) who lost their way and were spirited away to an isolated castle.

This was the beginning of the story of Prince Henry, the youngest son of the Richard and Matilda royal family. He was very young when he and his siblings were separated, but he would end up becoming a central character in the series and most likely the one that would become the movie's most important character. In the movie, he was played by Ben Whishaw and he is played by Ryan Gosling in the film.

Queen Matilda was the last of the members of the royal family that the person traveled with. She is also one of the only women in the group that actually manages to survive the trip. She knows that she is not a little girl and that she is one of the "lost girls" that Richard had promised to return to but she did not expect to be in the land of the dead, which she knew of in passing, so this seemed unlikely to her.

The person would eventually meet up with her family and they were given shelter by the king and his family who also owned a farm. But the story did not end there. They still did not know that they would be heading to the home of the king and queen, in order to be reunited with the other two little girls.

The person traveled to Ireland to take part in the third of the movies in the series, the story of Anne of York. This event would mark the first of many to come, as she would continue to travel and experience life to its fullest, with no boundaries or limits, even when it comes to her family. She would end up going on a pilgrimage in a world she was unfamiliar with, and she was not sure that she would survive it.

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