Joker (2019)


Put on a happy face. 2019/10/2 122 min.
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Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips


Joaquin Phoenix is Arthur Fleck / Joker
Joaquin Phoenix
Arthur Fleck / Joker
Robert De Niro is Murray Franklin
Robert De Niro
Murray Franklin
Zazie Beetz is Sophie Dumond
Zazie Beetz
Sophie Dumond
Frances Conroy is Penny Fleck
Frances Conroy
Penny Fleck
Brett Cullen is Thomas Wayne
Brett Cullen
Thomas Wayne
Shea Whigham is Detective Burke
Shea Whigham
Detective Burke
Bill Camp is Detective Garrity
Bill Camp
Detective Garrity
Glenn Fleshler is Randall
Glenn Fleshler
Leigh Gill is Gary
Leigh Gill
Josh Pais is Hoyt Vaughn
Josh Pais
Hoyt Vaughn


Joker is one of the films that has been classified as one of the classics in the DC comics world and that presents us with a terrible villain, a totally ruthless and bad being. However, they have made a variety of films that have brought this story, but with different actors, do not neglect its excellent plot.

This new generation of the Joker has become the most anticipated from this year by the fans of this villain because over the years he has always had a good reception from his audience, the script has been notorious for having scenes full of emotion and action.

This long footage is one of the most controversial in the cinematographic world, causing a great uproar because it contains some scenes that are a bit violent, bloody and disturbing for sensitive audiences, which is why it has been classified as unsuitable for all audiences, among them under 18 years. We can watch this movie online in the comfort of home, but always taking care of the little ones at home.

Joker is a sensitive man who brings his life to the screen as a human being, the script brings us once again to this man named Arthur, who before becoming the fearsome Joker was a human as everyone else, with a life full of obstacles and suffering, that is why this film brings with it a whole life story, in which all the bitterness and pain of a human being is told, all motivated by society and its abuse.

This movie comes to the screens to watch online because it seeks to tell a story with an amazing plot and with many scenes of murder, weapons, action and adventure content. All these murders show us a quite strong and bloody scenes because the movie tells how Joker gets rid of the society that has caused him an enormous suffering, starting with his mother who has lied to him and caused a psychological breakdown, also the existence of multiple murders before a public of millions of people, which causes a great revolt in the city and is converted as a political figure in the face of social discrimination.

This film will undoubtedly catch the public from its beginning to its end, since it has been listed as one of the best versions until now published, with its cast of actors standing out, especially the personification of actor Joaquin Phoenix who has performed the best performance until now.

Original title Joker
TMDb Rating 8.4 6392 votes

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