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An anti-hate satire. 2019/10/18 108 min.


The online movie news site, recently published an article about the new Jojo Rabbit movie, and asked what we thought of it. This was an interesting look into one of Japan's most famous cartoon characters. We are always amazed at how popular a series can be when it is produced by just one company. So here are some things we liked about the new Jojo Rabbit movie.

The animation style was beautiful - it reminded us of the early '90s animated movies that were so well done. This is because the Jojo movies are not made in the big-budget fashion of the Disney films, but the detail is there. For example, the Jojo's Pet Shop is great and is actually set in a real pet shop that operates online! When the character is on the conveyor belt, the lighting effects were great and made the whole place look wonderful.

The voice acting was great - the voices for Jojo were all terrific. His friend Piglet is especially cute as he sings his songs. None of the actors were overdoing it, as they needed to remain believable. Any actress that I felt should have been given a more prominent role didn't get that honor. The opening credits were fantastic and were especially helpful in watching the movie in its entirety.

The Jojo's Pet Shop part was really cool, because they really went out of their way to make it seem like an actual online shop. It was like watching a store that was very close to reality. They did this using animatronics, and you could feel the actual wheels on the conveyor belt moving along.

The biggest change in the story, though, is the fact that the original version is now an animated film. The sound effects and such are pretty much the same, but the animation is different. This is especially true for the roller coaster scene, which was so fantastic that we almost forgot that it was in an animated form. The end credits and the opening title sequence are more detailed than the earlier ones, and that is a big difference from the earlier releases.

The movie also introduces Piglet, the character that was so instrumental in the first Jojo's story. I don't know how it was done, but in the original version of the film, the line, "He has no memory" was very short. But it seems to be taking place a lot later in the series, and with Piglet's personality, he seems to remember everything. That made me realize that he was a wonderful addition to the franchise.

The next movie in the series, meanwhile, is called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It was released on DVD last year. In the synopsis on the cover, it mentions that the new film will "be the start of the new adventures of the whole team" of the Jojo's group. In other words, it will be set after Stardust Crusaders and will be based around the brand new characters, and the battle between them to find their original identities.

Of course, the Jojo's characters, both as a group and individually, always seem to find their way back to each other. This is something that should be expected, but I'm glad to see this development in Jojo Rabbit fans.

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