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You'll Float Again 2019/9/4 169 min.


Few expected "It" to be such a great success, as it became the highest-grossing horror movie of all time with a worldwide collection of 700 million dollars. In addition, in Warner, they were in luck, because they did not have to force things to carry out a sequel. Stephen King's original book itself gave them the necessary material to get to work as soon as possible with It: Chapter Two. Watch it now to see how it follows the story of the fight between The Losers Club and IT.

On paper, the big difference between the two films is that the first had some children as protagonists who in the second have already reached adulthood. Andy Muschietti thus lost the trick of the coming of age story and also the eighties atmosphere that so well suited 'It', or so we thought, since It: Chapter Two often returns to the past with normally very stimulating scenes in itself same but that tend to hinder the narrative of the film. In the end, what we have left is a terrifying roller coaster in which the scenes of fear prevail more than the development of characters.

The first third of It: Chapter Two is dedicated to reuniting the losers club, showing first what they have become so that later their life turns upside down when they receive a call from the only one who stayed in Derry. There we already perceive a negative detail that will affect the film when its bulky duration invited us to think otherwise: it is all told in a bit hasty way, focusing more on the impact of the individual scenes than on anything else.

Already the first installment worked better by looking at individual sequences, but those elements that are lost in the sequel helped the interest never decline so noticeably as it happens in It: Chapter Two. That is partly because the script by Gary Dauberman takes too much for granted the public's connection with the characters, relying more on the account of what was introduced in his predecessor so as not to waste much time on them.

It is true that the actors are quite well chosen with regard to the kids, but they rarely have at least one character arc satisfactory enough to show again what conquered us in ‘It’. There is a hurry to return with Pennywise and his possibilities as an adult drama in that phase fade - the one that has the most is Bill Hader, who knows how to squeeze it to the fullest but is more dosed throughout the film -, being the actors who give something more important to their characters.

In fact, that first third is more effective in the brief moments in which it returns with Pennywise, first to show his return - very curious the appearance of the filmmaker Xavier Dolan - and later to re-influence something that the horror film of today's big-budget is usually too scared to show: that the victim is a girl - in the first one it was Georgie who first suffered the homicidal anger, so it makes sense that we change sex here.

Luckily, it is time for the great final showdown, where It: Chapter Two comes out victorious, avoiding the ridiculous visual of television adaptation and knowing this time, giving that emotional entity to the characters so that one feels that there is more in Game. The stories of each one of them close correctly and well taken, never forgetting that essential tension to keep the viewer in suspense. Watch it online and see it for yourself.

It: Chapter Two is worse than its predecessor since it is a bit more rushed and its treatment of the main characters is less satisfactory. But in general, it is entertaining, has some unforgettable moments and closes the story much more effectively than the previous adaptation.

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