Frozen II
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Frozen II (2019)

Frozen II

The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 104 min.


A referent can serve both to rise and to be crushed by high expectations. The aftermath has brought headlong all over Hollywood for decades, and although they didn't always stumble at the box office, they have never finished eliminating their inherent smell of failure. Not even a company with so many resources, so many voices, and such a good image as Disney have been able to circumvent this perfidious dogma.

Who remembers "Aladdin 2"? And "Bambi II"? Continuity of characters almost never goes well, and that is why the company of "Frozen 2" seemed like an absolute chimera. Not only because of its simple condition of the extension but also because of the standard that the first delivery left 6 years ago. The only exit to such a tirade was to aspire to more magic, more scale, more emotion, and of course, much more music. A bet that Arendelle manages to welcome against all odds, watch now the movie to find out how.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee put the scarf on their neck again to work on the family context that they left well tied last 2013. And they do it by demonstrating an absolute knowledge about Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the rest of known characters. The idea is based on the now strong relationship between the sisters, to explore some of the most pressing issues that remained unsolved in the original film.

Where do the magical powers come from? What is your parent's story? What is beyond the kingdom? "Frozen" was cooked between four not very wide walls, which although they allowed distilling all kinds of interesting juices, restricted the focus of the world to its inhabitants. The starting point on this occasion is reversed, putting a narrative much more contextual, symbolic and adult.

A kingdom, a family, a great recognition. Elsa now has everything she always dreamed of. The love of her sister and the respect that the people offer her place her in the position closest to happiness. Always, of course, that she lives thinking only of the present. Looking into the future already requires some vital perspective that the monarch does not possess. Without the past, it is not possible to learn from mistakes, and therefore one cannot move forward.

Elsa feels in her heart that there are questions that need answers, that music that begins to listen incessantly, hides a well-intentioned purpose that will solve her vital crossroads. Now, personal growth is an always positive game, and the sequel exposes it by giving increasing prominence to the figures closest to the queen. Starting with Anna herself, who will stick to her as protection, and following those to whom the latter drags; Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.

In that sense, Frozen 2 represents a larger picture than its predecessor. Although Elsa remains the pillar on which everything orbits, the introduction of more interesting plots for secondary gives the viewer an unusual versatility. Of course, the real interest is neither in the desire for adventure that the queen emanates, nor in Kristoff's gracious attempts to strengthen her relationship with Anna; It is the Forest of the Spirits, and all the mystery that throbs inside, which give the film a unique personality.

The production team traveled to northern European countries to get the most realistic portrait possible of ancestral mythologies and Nordic cultural traditions. This documentation work, which could have translated into something anecdotal for the final product, is felt from the minute one and provides a paradoxical realism in a purely fantastic pastiche.

Fire, air, wind, and water are interspersed in scenes of great visual beauty, which, far from being pompous and artificial, manage to connect with the personal self-discovery of the protagonist, watch online Frozen 2 and live this extraordinary adventure.

Original title Frozen II
TMDb Rating 7.1 3577 votes

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