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Ford v Ferrari (2019)

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They took the American dream for a ride 2019/11/13 152 min.


We need to talk about the new movie that's creating conversations all over the world, a movie about a true story with the drama multiplied by 1.000 by its cast and script, but never surpassing the line of being too much, too exaggerated, or too dramatic, it just has the perfect balance between its plot and performances, to deliver 2 hours of footage as if it was just a moment, we can assure you that by the Ford v. Ferrari ends, you will just want more, but instead of talking, maybe it's better that you watch it now to see for yourself and judge whether this is as good as everyone is saying out there.

the first recommendation is to enjoy Ford v. Ferrari in a movie theater, the movie is incredible, and it will be better enjoyed in a big screen, however, it's always an option to watch online the movies that you can't go to see in the theater. To the extraordinary work of reconstruction of the races - the roaring engines, the thrown cars, the asphalt that is almost palpable - it is necessary to appreciate it in the biggest screen that they find. Circumscribing those images and those sounds to the microworld of a cell phone is a crime. That said, it is worth noting that we are facing a film from another era.

A classic cinema, for putting a label on it, it's got the soul of an old, classic film, those who never get old fashioned, it is strange to find a movie like this in these times, when the remakes and reboots of existing content seems to be at order of the day, and it feels good to meet refreshing, new stories (although this is not technically an original story).

James Mangold already demonstrated his ductility to jump from romantic various genres, like comedy movies to the biopic ones (with Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash); from western to superheroes (and "Logan" is a great movie). Here it takes all the time - two hours and a half, but it really does not feel long - to tell an exciting story: the confrontation between Ford and Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans of 1966. The before that race is as or more important than the during and so Mangold understands, so to discover what happened on the French track (refrain from google) there is a long way to go. 

Ford wanted to buy the Scuderia of the rampant Cavallino at the beginning of the 60s, but - old fox - Don Enzo Ferrari ended up selling it to Fiat. The Americans took it as an affront and decided to return the blow where Ferrari hurt most: in the most famous race in the world. Ford was determined to build the best car, the only way to overcome the unbeatable Ferrari, and for that, he appealed to the manufacturer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon). And Shelby took advantage of an unmatched pilot, Ken Miles (Christian Bale).

The film navigates in different planes. The friendship between Shelby and Miles is one of them, as powerful as the pilot's family life (his wife is embodied by Caitriona Balfe, the star of "Outlander"). There is also a look at the web of power and business, with real characters like Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts, excellent as always), Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal) and Ferrari himself (Remo Girone).

And for lovers of the "iron", the careful staging looks cars, circuits, boxes, all that world that surrounds motoring, in an era - the 60s - full of romanticism and a color that moves to nostalgia. A cinema that is missed but, fortunately, sometimes it is embodied.

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