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Dark Waters (2019)

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The truth has a man on the inside. 2019/11/22 127 min.


Dark Waters is a pretty interesting movie. It's got many weird elements that make it unique among some of the other popular kids' movies. But what it also has is a storyline and a plot that at times could feel like you're getting an easy ride through a sci-fi themed page in a sci-fi novel.

The story is fairly simple: it's about a family moving to an all new place with its own peculiar set of neighbors. It's also about a house for sale and two families that are eager to buy it. One of the families, consisting of Hannah and Charles, is eager to move into the house because it's so grand and beautiful. Unfortunately, it's full of ghosts and the money they spent on it is now rotting away in their basement.

The other family, who own the house, aren't so keen on letting the family into the house because it's haunted. The problem is that the house is full of evil spirits who have made their home there. And the owner is going to spend her inheritance from her late husband to buy them out of their possession. But the problem is, even if she can spend millions of dollars, there is only so much money in the house to be freed. And neither family wants to take any chances with a place they don't know anything about.

So it's just a matter of sneaking into the house by playing ghost hunters with the help of a couple of movie stars, acting as guide, while making the family that owns the house scared of them. That's how Dark Waters was designed to be played, or so the makers thought. In the movie, the Muggles are set up as the villain. They act like villains because they want to keep the family out. The Muggles are ruthless and can't be reasoned with, so Hannah and Charles try to get the real ghost out of the house by going back in time and saying he needs to go somewhere, with only one word to make the spirit obey: "No!"

But in Dark Waters, you're not always sure who is being villainous. The Muggles have their reasons and there are times where they're not so evil, so I didn't always like to pick sides between them and the families. Also, as you may have figured out by now, there are dark spirits in the house.

There's a lot of dark, creepy and mysterious stuff in Dark Waters that keeps you on your toes while trying to figure out who is being malicious. I can't say it worked for me but when I think of a lot of the things that happen in this movie, I picture dark things happening. And in the end, they all seem to work out in the end.

So you're not really sure if the Muggles are the good guys in Dark Waters. You don't want to put your family in danger, but you also don't want to waste your inheritance either. So you sort of get stuck in the middle and don't know who to side with.

Personally, I did think Dark Waters was pretty cool. And I enjoyed the fact that the writers behind the story knew how to use a fictional medium to great effect. It's a pretty unusual way to tell a story and they created something that didn't necessarily make sense in a novel form, but I enjoyed the way it was told. Plus, the fact that it was on the big screen is fun!

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