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Fear is the most dangerous power 2019/12/6 99 min.


In the new film Code 8, there's a minority of people who suffer for being specially different to the rest, but for something less common than you might think: they have super abilities. The problem is that society does not like different, and yes, they have super powers, but that won't make them heroes, because sadly, there are time when fear surpasses every other feeling and principle, so instead of being considered as talents and heroes, they are demonized in the world.

The filmmakers took inspiration from several sources to compose the film, including the dystopian atmosphere of Chappie and District 9, by Neill Blomkamp.

Primos, S. Amell and R. Amell are familiar faces of series fans. The first plays Oliver Queen in Arrow. The second gave life to the superhero Nuclear in The Flash, which takes place inside the same Arrowverse, and was still one of the members of the recent X-Files revival.

For this audience, it is curious to see Stephen Amell not only as a villain, but also as a character with telekinetic superpowers. Under the mantle of Green Arrow, his abilities are only mastery of the bow and arrow and fighting techniques.

It is confirmed that the story of Code 8 will continue in a series to be shown on Quibi, a streaming platform that will be launched in the United States in April 2020 and will be dedicated to short format productions.

Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the transition to new production processes, human labor has undergone mutations to adapt. Book copyists were replaced by press handlers; carriages gave way to cars produced on assembly lines with skilled workers.

Finally, as the use of water, coal, oil and other fossil fuels became more efficient, the same happened with the production tools and the worker, who had to adapt or perish.

Namely, Code 8, a film that you can watch online directed by Jeff Chan, who wrote the screenplay script by Chris Pare, part of the premise of this evolution to the detriment not of normal workers, but of those with powers. Once useful with their special abilities to control electricity, heat, increased power or others, they have been replaced by machines, always cheaper than people.

In this world, young Connor Reed (Robbie Amell) lives a difficult life in the city of Lincoln. Although he received the name of the American president who abolished slavery in the United States, he - also empowered - is subjected to the illegal exploitation of his work in an illegal way to survive.

With his mother needing urgent medical treatment, but receiving little for the day he is not fined, he gets involved with the Garrett gang (Stephen Amell) and the Psyke trafficking. It is a new drug made with a substance taken from those with powers.

What makes Code 8 bulge is the realistic approach to content that has already become commonplace in audiovisual: the superhero productions that abound on screens, watch now the movie and see for yourself what we're talking about.

Here, just like the other masses of unemployed people with a unique characteristic that unites them, those with powers have come to be the object of prejudice and vigilance by others, working illegally and being pursued daily by the authorities, who do little or nothing to integrate them, not necessarily to society, but to the formal market.

In fact, a story told with a round script. No space for unnecessary parallel plots, unbearable dialogues and which, taking into account that Robbie and Stephen are known for playing the superheroes Nuclear and Green Arrow on the CW, makes you wonder what the director and screenwriter could add to the series on that channel if were hired. They would certainly have a lot to say.

On the other hand, the visual and sound effects stand out for their subtlety in demonstrating the powers of each character. No explosions or exaggerated glows and with digital inserts on the screen in order to contribute to the narrative, instead of simply attracting the viewer's attention.

In the end, Code 8 ends its story without loose ends, but leaving a desire to know more about this world and how it got there. Although with a simple prologue. Here's the tip.

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