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Based on a Real Scandal 2019/12/13 108 min.


In the week leading up to her appearance at the Golden Globes, Scarlett Johansson went to the gym with all the zeal of a marathon runner planning a sprint. She wanted to hit the track with a focus, but not like a tennis player, where she can worry about whether or not she will win. Instead, she focused on her "Secret Weapon," her Bombshell of a Golden Globe party dress and the Boomerang of her Boomerang of an Outcome.

After performing an online search for 'Scarlett Johansson's Outcome' (her personal online nickname) I found two possibilities: it could be a misprint in the script of the movie or maybe it's just another way to describe the Golden Globe title; I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Nevertheless, a popular online search in the past week did produce a slew of results for the term, so let's take a look at the two possibilities of the name "Bombshell."

Movie Biz Guru dug up the script for the movie and found it to be rife with play on words. The name is called the Boomerang of Outcome, and the title is actually the subtitle for the final chapter of the screenplay. So, the whole concept is that the lead character has been thrown back in time but still gets to have a dramatic outcome. I wouldn't say it's very original, but it fits into the trend of a future thriller becoming a movie that was originally a future thriller.

Movie Insider also posted a couple of catch phrases that were used in the film as well. When trying to get out of the current situation, she uses the phrase "get the Boomerang of Outcome" and when trying to change the past, she states that she uses the phrase "catch the Boomerang of Outcome" or the English phrase, "to turn back the clock."

Aside from this article, I found no other articles which use these phrases in their titles, unless you count some articles which put "bombshell" in quotes. Another similarity between the Boomerang of Outcome and the title "bombshell" is that both are very commonly used and will become part of the everyday vocabulary.

Movie Secrets was also curious about what other movies use these phrases, but didn't find any yet. I searched Google News and found that I had already searched the term Bombshell and I could already find two articles which listed movies that use the phrase, so perhaps there is already an article for the phrase? Or maybe it's just a movie term and it will be the next movie term? Who knows?

Movie Czar thinks the Bombshell is just an actress name and it will be one of those actors who will have a great acting career, like Ed Harris or James Marsden. He calls it "a big misstep for the film"a regrettable choice." It seems like Movie Czar will be first in line to say a movie with a highly unpopular title is his favorite, and he even chooses the movie with the most embarrassing ending as his worst film. He also thinks the movie will be better off if it gets a bad Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The Bombshell is Scarlett Johansson's actress name, but if you've been following the Movie Business, you'll know that they sometimes call actors by certain names, especially when the person is a star or an upcoming actor. So if I find that Bombshell is another actress name, then it will be considered a misnomer. Just the same, if you're going to write an article about the title of the movie, I'd like to see it used correctly, so I'm sure you'll agree.

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