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Loyalty is under fire 2019/8/21 122 min.


In these times dominated and/or enslaved by speed, by haste, because all the information is concentrated in the minimum possible seconds, that a genre like the one of action, which has made precise and lately of that speed its mark From the factory, take a thoughtful and calm time to reflect is something that deserves to stand out.

Let it be done by a trilogy, of sound exploitation, as seemingly far from the reflective case of that low-cost model of the John McClane of the Crystal Jungle as is the endearing Mike Banning (the best pension plan of the friendly Gerard Butler), that gives him much more points in his favor.

The trilogy has been working well since its first delivery, the action sequences are good and the performances as well, it has a formula that goes for the safe but not in a bad way, the actors are recognized and basically it gives what anyone would want of a movie of this sort, watch it online to find out for yourself.

After an attack on the White House by a mix of enemies of the comic geopolitics worthy of Red Dawn (Olympus Has Fallen), and the most lucid metaphor about the end of Europe that was the second installment, London Has Fallen, The third film of the saga stops for a moment and looks at its characters with the eyes of the twilight, of not only physical fatigue (Banning's accusations), but moral (the relationship with the character embroidered by Danny Huston).

Surprised the calm rhythm of Angel Has Fallen, also in its sequences of terrorist attacks, shootings, explosions, and duels at the (literally) summit. The signature of Robert Mark Kamen, a professional at the time of delineating a comic without any pretensions, is noted in the final rewriting of the script of low budget and that almost never falls in its rhythm.

It shows because people ultimately prevail, even if they are archetypes of those in which it would not be necessary to deepen beyond two basic features. The film takes its good minutes for the secret service agent, his nemesis, his father to find the anti-system (a Nick Nolte who is noticed that he is having a great time), a US president in bad times for the lyric, an FBI agent who is Tommy Lee Jones of The Runaway and US Miniature Marshals and a few secondary presidential office ovals have their chances to humanize the mere clichés.

As we told you before, a formula that they knew it was going to work, it worked in the past and sure it works this time, it's sad that if you want to see something different, you won't with this movie, but if you want to see a successful formula even though you have already seen it multiple times in the past, then Angel Has Fallen is the movie for you, watch it now and enjoy.

To this dramatic tranquility, never past hyperactivity as in the previous two adventures of Banning, the presence of veteran Vic Armstrong in charge of the action scenes and the second unit is imprinted. All a good dose of the old guard, of the old school (nothing of assembly with the dance of San Vito), in which at any moment you place in this map of the series B eighty to some and others. Something that is appreciated when one is already aware that one is not facing the most original script in history. 

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