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Disney continues to learn from sticks what it has and what it doesn't have to do. And it seems that with 'Aladdin' they have managed to go one step further in this new version of his classics but in live-action.

They do it because they have managed to differentiate the original enough from the current one. They did it with 'Maleficent', with 'The Jungle Book' or with 'Cinderella', and it worked out well. But when they got into his great stories, like 'Beauty and the Beast', he ended up being a prey to his own success.

Now with 'Aladdin' Guy Ritchie has wanted to give a somewhat different touch and has brought us to more worked characters and with enough differences from the originals, although it continues to maintain its essence.

Disney did not stop convincing us with the trailers that had been released on the film throughout these months. Scenes apparently inferior to those of the original version left us with fear in our bodies, watch it online to see what we're talking about.

However, finally, the footage manages to turn everything around and show a true visual show that shows us an Agrabah full of life, although with some failures.

Yes, it is true that the setting, more oriental and colorful than the original, manages to take us to a really fantastic world. The city is full of life and charisma and the stages are very careful... Except in some moments.

The scene in which Jasmine is presented, for example, sins of looking like a gag of humor at the end of the year. Some costumes, especially from the beginning, seem too stiff and unreal. And the more secondary characters do not end up being achieved or offering any empathy.

But, luckily, the film manages to recover quickly from that impressive downturn after hearing the new version of "Arabian Nights" with Will Smith in the lead. From that moment on, things get better and we end up watching a reality show that, at least for a server, makes it the best live action Disney has done to date, you can watch it now to confirm this.

The problem that Disney had with his latest remake, 'Beauty and the Beast', is that it was based on very worked and charismatic characters. We don't talk only about Bella or the beast. We're talking about Ding Dong, Lumiere or Mrs. Potts. These characters, who were the ones who gave them the strength to the plot, were blurred in a film that did not get to thrill.

However, this time they have pulled by other paths. Despite maintaining the essence of the characters, they all have significant changes. From Aladdin to Jasmine, through Genius, Jafar and the Sultan himself.

They all have a new touch that makes them original. It gives them a new essence and, in short, they make us want to discover more of them.

Aladdin is, for example, much more innocent. Jasmine takes a role more strong, determined, empowered, even more, this time. In fact, we could say that Disney has tried to make a new Frozen Elsa. Jafar, meanwhile, is completely crazy and unhinged. Lose part of that humor that left us with phrases like "I'm in ecstasy" but in return, he gains a darker and more powerful background.

For its part, the inclusion of Dalia, the princess's servant, and her advisor does not finish taking off. It is a role that could have remained elsewhere but that serves, more than anything, to close the end of the story and little else. Neither stands out nor hinders, but it is not what they told us it would be.

It is true that this new version of 'Aladdin' is not free from failures and that, at times, there are times that are below the original. But little things like the addition of more depth to the characters, the Genie presented in an effective human form, and the final, more round and closed than in the first, are things that make many places rise in our ranking of Disney movies.

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