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This is the 21st century and the 21st movie ever to be released, called 21 Bridges. The world watched how a person who had been on the run after a hit and run incident was captured and put in jail for driving down the wrong side of the road, leaving an accident victim dead. In prison, he began writing a novel and attempted to have it published as a movie, however nothing ever came of it and he was released.

The movie was very successful and had a lot of money behind it, because it was based on a true story. The plot goes like this, a person takes on a pseudonym to write a novel, which eventually turns into a movie. The writer in question is a young boy named Tymee Wright. He gets caught up in the middle of a time where he is not only being hunted, but also in his own time when he is trying to get his book published.

The writing process is easy to follow and basically involves the writer being on the run and the character writing a novel in order to get away. It gets really intense when he starts finding clues to the woman who is being chased. When he meets her she tells him to leave, but he cannot as he needs to complete the manuscript and in the mean time, he needs to catch up on some work. In order to do that, he has to go to the location of the bridge where she is trapped, therefore, he has to keep moving.

The character bond between the two characters, Travis and Gloria, really does build up over the course of the movie, making it a rather emotional ride as they both have to deal with grief while on the run. Some of the scenes are really heart wrenching, and if you are in the mood for some good, heart felt moments then you may want to consider watching this film.

The movie also received the support of the producers and writer based on its online viewer ratings. Many say that they found the movie to be a bit overly long and too fast paced, which is a concern for many actors. For the most part, the audience were satisfied with what they saw, but it seems the pacing can sometimes take a little too much out of the film.

This is probably to be expected, but it will always be interesting to see the online reviews and the difference they make to one's opinion of the film. Though it was labeled as a fast paced and dramatic thriller, it did not receive any raves for its acting. However, the writing could do justice to any screenplay, which is a fine compliment considering the quality of the project.

On top of the online viewer ratings, the movie was also rated in the teens by many critics. A score of 8.6 is really a "B" in the theater, but more than three times that amount can be considered a "B+". It received very positive reviews from such individuals as Jeffrey Pearl, Mike Rogers, and John Hickey.

The movie might not be that appealing to some, but it did have plenty of people watching it, which is a testament to the popularity of this film. If you are looking for a slow-paced movie with more time for the characters to develop a personality, this is definitely something you may like. You will not find this one in the YA section of your local cinema, but there are numerous online websites that carry the movie and you can watch it whenever you like.

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