Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

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Having seen the first part of the movie, it would be right to say that The Amazing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an effective continuation of the original movie. Now that we are aware of what this sequel has to offer, it would be helpful if we had a complete listing of what is in the movie and what not.

Before getting to the list of what is in the movie, it would be better to understand what the movie actually is about. The main character in the movie is the same as the one in the previous film, The Amazing Spider-Man. But because of the involvement of the villain of the first part, the story will be bigger than in the previous movie.

The movie is directed by Marc Webb, who is known for directing the likes of The Amazing Spider-Man and the webisode Origins. The previous sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man, was released around two years ago. As the sequel to the first part is going to be bigger than the previous one, it will be of great help to know how Marc Webb managed to create a sequel to this film.

Features of the movie are a little different from the previous installments. As it can be seen from the screen shots of the movie, the scenes in the movie are not just a sequence of images that flash across the screen. It is actually a mixture of actual comic book scenes, such as the ones in The Amazing Spider-Man, mixed with footage that was used in the series before it got cancelled. If you love comic books, then you will love this part of the movie.

Another big addition to the movie is the introduction of Seattle City Hall, which will play a major role in the movie. The entire city of Seattle was destroyed by The Lizard, the villain in the first part of the movie. Due to this, an invasion took place in the city.

One more interesting aspect of the movie is the involvement of the Sinister Six. The six members of the Sinister Six were never seen in the earlier parts of the series. A group of super-villains who were known as The Twelve were formed in the comic books, but in the sequel, these super villains are still there. However, they are no longer seen in action as they are already hired by New York City.

The true ending of the movie is a little different from the ones in the previous movies. In the previous parts, the truth of Spider-Man's origin was revealed, but in the sequel, it is still uncertain what happened to the truth of the origins. So, it is not yet certain if the previous revelations about the origin were the real or the fake truths.

Movie fans who have watched the first part of the movie will probably be very satisfied by the sequel and will enjoy the storyline as well. This movie will also be enjoyed by those who don't want to watch any sequels of the previous movies. Watching this movie is like watching a new installment of the webisodes and it is definitely a great experience.

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