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Darkness rises... and light to meet it 2017/12/13 152 min.


Rian Johnson has turned around the new Star Wars saga as if it were a sock. Without a doubt, he has been very conscious in his script writing work of the criticism that Star Wars VII received: the awakening of the Force two years ago. There were many fans of the saga who felt that the tributes and the structure parallel to The Star Wars of 77 clouded the surprise factor of the film, so that Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi applied constant script twists, watch online the film and discover how they end.

It can be said that they have given the director of Looper wide sleeve to do what he has wanted and has exploited this premise until its last consequences: with errors and successes but executing, in any case, a first level show that in sum will satisfy to the majority of the public and will give you a very exciting and fun galactic adventure.

As far as the visual is concerned, this Star Wars Episode 8 is a fabulous feast with memorable action sequences (many and of all kinds: galactic, coral, on land, duels with lightsabers and various clashes including the red guard of Snoke and his new and imaginative weapons) and planes worthy of being framed that call our nostalgia, that also tune in to our feeling of loss of actress Carrie Fisher but that do not move only in the realm of the emotional. There is innovation, there is a lot of fantasy (in some moments maybe too much) but there are also calls to the memory of the warsies that at certain times will remember The Empire strikes back. Similar concepts are raised, but resolved in very different ways.

The qualifier that has come to mind repeatedly throughout the viewing of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi is the iconoclast. Much of the solemnity and draft that Kasdan and Abrams had printed to Episode VII is dynamited from the first sequence, which resolves in a totally unexpected way the cliffhanger that had accompanied us during these two years and that is largely the tonic of the first two thirds of the movie.

The script has its ups and downs in the development of the footage with an excess of humor and the wasting of several characters on whom many expectations had fallen, in addition to finding specific sections that are completely accessories and do not end up helping to compose a round story and well closed. We speak especially about the way in which the script is dispersed until we take our protagonists to Canto Bight, for example.

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi is a film that goes from less to more and that shines with its own light in its last third thanks to the fact that it develops many secondary characters. It does not escape certain topics of entertainment and adventure cinema such as bailouts at the last moment, individual heroics and even the introduction of a love trio that does not work too well, but it does know how to perfectly exploit the love of followers of the franchise to its symbols and its fetish characters, watch now the movie, you will love it.

Regarding the interpretations, We think there will be a consensus in the criticism regarding the wonderful work of Mark Hamill, which is delivered body and soul to the role of Luke Skywalker. And that despite showing his reticence about the script and even putting his own ideas on the table about what he believed could have happened to his character. In fact, he would have liked to follow George Lucas' sketch for this new trilogy, but as one of the characters in Episode VIII he says "it's time to make way for the new."

About Carrie Fisher you can not even enter ratings because it is and will always be the leader of the Leia Resistance. And we do have a but with respect to Snoke: not for the work of the capture of movement of Andy Serkis but rather for the excess of CGI of the character. Eye also Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, who gains prominence and becomes the personification of that new line of script in which the characters have many more edges.

Abrams cemented a solid base, Johnson has played to destabilize the structure a bit in order to make it grow in new ways and if they join the strengths of both we may see the most rounded film in the saga that can be conceived in 2019: talent , the experience, the technique and the heart of the fans are in your hands now.

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