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Logan is the newest, Wolverine film from director James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman as the famous mutant. The story is about a group of mercenaries who have been hired by a man named Thomas Wayne (Logan) to track down a family of super-villains who murdered a woman of one of the villains' own family. This movie portrays what the lives of the different characters are like on this journey.

The first point of interest in Logan that is described as being separate from the main plot is a young woman known as Laura was infected with the horrifying Mutant virus. She is the daughter of the villainous General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who had done the final act of his evil career by trying to kill Wolverine. Instead of killing her, Wolverine injected her with a serum that removes the virus.

It is after Logan gives the serum to Laura that we see Logan's boss, Wade Wilson (Mark Boone Junior), are leaving a restaurant together. They are discussing the upcoming battle between Wolverine and Ajax, but Wolverine's mind is off the plot. He is pondering on the future of Laura, and what the future will hold for him. When he gets to the part where he and Laura will be getting married, Logan decides that he would rather do it alone, even without Laura's consent.

Logan is the most adamant that Laura must not know the fact that he knew she was infected with the Mutant virus, but Logan feels he has no choice but to lie to her. Logan has an important conversation with his fellow X-Men, and decides that he must take the hit, as they are trying to track down Ajax in hopes of killing him.

Unfortunately, Logan's loyalty to Wolverine is at stake, as when Emma Frost (Dafne Keen) realizes that she can make herself younger each time she is exposed to the Mutant virus, she attacks the others to steal the serum. Wolverine also learns that he is actually the cause of the mutations that are occurring all over the globe, and only through Laura's death does he finally agree to let her live.

Logan is the protagonist of this movie. As he travels around the globe, Logan becomes a bit obsessed with defeating Ajax, and dreams of having all the money he needs to hire the best mercenaries around. It seems that Logan is rather spoiled by his wealth, which explains why he refuses to accept help from the various international banks, but then again, it's not really Logan's fault.

Logan ends up helping a human girl, Laura (Dafne Keen), discover who her father really is, and after that the two find out that they share a history that has something to do with the Mutant virus. As Logan learns more about Laura, she reveals that she knows something about her parents' childhoods.

Logan gets Laura and they travel back to where their lives were together, the future. As Logan discovers what happened, he becomes overcome with guilt and decides to stay on the X-Men team. He also ends up working with the young X-Men, to prevent the creation of a new Sentinel called Gambit.

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