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Welcome to the urban jungle. 2016/2/11 109 min.


One of the best animated films of all time, Zootopia has been selling tickets well into the millions as it continues to release in theatres across the country. For those who would like to see it in full, it is available on home video from Disney and features an entertaining and colorful soundtrack. This review will look at the movie's presentation on home video format and review the packaging and special features of this release.

The film features an original screenplay by Jared Hess based on the book written by Mo Willems and Chris Henchy. In the book, a zookeeper who was forced to adopt an orphaned rabbit cub realizes that the two will become fast friends. After a series of events, they discover that the cub has some unique characteristics that are not human. Based on the novel by Jared Hess, Zootopia opens with a very special scene.

This is one of only two films in the series that were not produced by Disney. And while the series has always boasted high quality production, Zootopia is the first to use 3D. The early scenes use a true two-dimensional approach for the movie's presentation, but the time-lapse scenes give it a much more realistic look.

For those who do not watch the cartoon series, here is an example of how this movie looks and feels. The story is set in a city where animals are the dominant species, where they are kept in smaller, more confined spaces than humans. Their only interaction with each other comes from traveling through the tunnels that they built.

A comedic musical number introduces the first member of the family, and is well worth the watch for children and adults alike. After the musical part of the show is over, a very funny scene comes about which brings the story full circle.

The design of the movie is fantastic. Everyone in the movie has its own personality, which gives it a real sense of individuality. It is easy to imagine how many people have watched this movie, because of the unique look of each character.

There are also many special features included with this movie, including a large archive of behind the scenes footage. This includes all of the live-action footage, which is exciting for fans of the cartoon. The movie features some nice trailers and interviews with the cast and crew.

Overall, this movie does not disappoint for a fan of the series. Fans of this popular movie should look for a theater near them to get a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray.

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