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Don't set him off. 2014/10/22 101 min.


John Wick is the second movie from the action trilogy The Expendables. Movie fans will remember the series from the previous movies. This movie takes place in a parallel world where Donny Osmond (Keanu Reeves) and Dutch Meyer (Bruce Willis) are the only two surviving members of an elite secret police force in a world where war has destroyed most of mankind.

A terrorist group called the Red Circle has kidnapped John's family and have been threatening him ever since. He and partner Neils (Colin Farrell) find out that their enemy has stolen their money, making it very difficult for them to continue their mission. Their biggest problem however is getting into a building where the Red Circle is holding the hostages.

However, when they arrive, they are not at all surprised to see that Donny Osmond and Dutch Meyer have arrived by motorcycle. One of the members of the Red Circle has also arrived in a secret vehicle, which was left behind by the other. One of the members has taken control of both vehicles and has attempted to escape in them. The two men come face to face, one with another, and fight it out.

However, John is no match for the biker, and he is beaten down. As Donny is going to kill him, Dutch manages to get a hold of John's gun, shooting him in the chest, before he can do any further damage.

Once they escape, John is found in a small town with no memory of his actions or why he has become a hit man. He has no idea who he is and just wants to get out of the town before the time runs out, but Dutch and Neils quickly take care of this.

As they ride off, the two men head to a nearby diner, where John spots a waitress named Stephanie. John is able to takeout the man who was threatening her, but not before he takes a picture of her. It is the first time that he has seen Stephanie.

John finds out that he has been hired to kill John Leroy Rapp. However, while he is at the office, Dutch and Neils show up and kick his teeth out. This prompts him to head over to the next place he saw Stephanie, a place where she would be safe.

John however, cannot pass up the opportunity to see Stephanie again. They head to a club, but due to the fact that he lost his wallet, he is unable to get inside. Once inside, he learns that he is being hired to kill her.

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