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Nothing spreads like fear 2011/9/8 106 min.


When it comes to the best movies that have not been released on DVD yet, Contagion seems to be the best at this point. The Contagion movie review gives a summary of the whole movie. Contagion is based on the novel written by Eric Kripke.

Sean Irvine's character John Slattery is suffering from terminal cancer. His family and friends try to help him get well. But his friends are not safe, as well as his ex-girlfriend Veronica, who still have feelings for him. Both of them are infected with a virus that could change their lives forever.

The Contagion movie review states that this is a great example of the evolution of TV series from what was the most common form to what we now know to be the newest in TV. In this case, a TV series on the IMAX format. It allows viewers to get closer to the characters, feel the tension, and enjoy the scenery. It is not like watching the television. The action can be seen on the IMAX screen as opposed to the television.

The Movie itself is not that good or bad. However, it is not one of the best. The movie has its moments where the plot and the acting seem to be going well. However, the scenes that were supposed to be shocking are not too unbelievable. The movie is not too good in terms of music but it is not bad either.

The main characters, John Slattery and Veronica, are pretty simple in the story and everything works perfectly well. The genre of the story and the acting definitely adds to the essence of the movie. The movie Contagion is a little bit different from what we know in terms of the way the movie is executed.

Imust say that I am very much looking forward to seeing another installment of the movie. Of course, the movie gets a lower rating, but I think this will increase the popularity of the movie. Of course, the audience will be happy with the movie and give a very high rating. Overall, the movie Contagion will probably be worth watching.

The fact that the movie is so outstanding, makes it even more interesting. The Contagion movie review gives some good points. Not everything goes well though, but most of the aspects of the movie are not bad at all. The ending of the movie is quite shocking, but the main character of the movie is so normal.

Spoilers are expected. I hope you will like the movie Contagion and that it will be one of the best movies you will watch.

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