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Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


Cars is one of the most popular and profitable movies ever produced in any medium. It is a comedy about an ordinary car that gets mixed up with a lot of things but ends up making his way back to its owner. The plot is really light, but it is also very entertaining.

When the movie was first released, it was made as a short for a short movie project. The studio had no choice but to go for a short movie so that they could complete the full length film in time for the release. However, the movie was not an instant hit. A few weeks after its release, it lost some of its popularity because people were not interested in watching a comedy with no reason.

The changes for the better however took place after the movie was put on DVD and people could watch it again. There were a lot of critics praising the movie for being extremely hilarious and imaginative. It didn't take long for fans to say that they loved the original car. This was also the time when movies were becoming a big hit due to the success of the early nineties generation.

Cars in the series have played different roles throughout the series. Some of them are more in the show business side while others are used by drivers. In the series, they are used to carry some important people or important messages. Even though they were created to pass messages, some of them have also been used to pass on information to people.

The movie does not just showcase cars and their driving abilities, but also focuses on the situations where these cars can be found. It is always used as a vehicle to travel from one place to another. The main character's role in the movie is to get other cars from their location to the main character's place without breaking the law, which makes him the main driving force in the movie.

Thecar in the movie makes many changes depending on the situation and where it needs to be used. The movies main vehicle has to travel from one place to another, so the car it has to drive will be changed accordingly, even when the user's target will be the same.

A motor-motorcar is Mr. Ruggles dream, but the reality is quite different. The motor-motorcar is indeed a very interesting vehicle because it can go faster than any other car but has a very low stopping distance. It also has enough space to store lots of fuel before needing to be refueled.

The movie also focuses on the modification of cars. There are two different models that cars can be modified, which are the street model and the race model. The street model is the only one that has limited ability to change its appearance while the race model can be easily modified.

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