Cars (2006)


Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.
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John Lasseter
John Lasseter


Owen Wilson is Lightning McQueen (voice)
Owen Wilson
Lightning McQueen (voice)
Paul Newman is Doc Hudson (voice)
Paul Newman
Doc Hudson (voice)
Bonnie Hunt is Sally Carrera (voice)
Bonnie Hunt
Sally Carrera (voice)
Larry the Cable Guy is Mater (voice)
Larry the Cable Guy
Mater (voice)
Tony Shalhoub is Luigi (voice)
Tony Shalhoub
Luigi (voice)
Cheech Marin is Ramone (voice)
Cheech Marin
Ramone (voice)
Michael Wallis is Sheriff (voice)
Michael Wallis
Sheriff (voice)
George Carlin is Fillmore (voice)
George Carlin
Fillmore (voice)
Paul Dooley is Sarge (voice)
Paul Dooley
Sarge (voice)
Jenifer Lewis is Flo (voice)
Jenifer Lewis
Flo (voice)


Lightning McQueen, a hotshot rookie race car pushed to be successful, discovers that existence is about the adventure, now not the end line, while he reveals himself unexpectedly detoured within the sleepy Route sixty six city of Radiator Springs. On course across the united states of america to the massive Piston Cup Championship in California to compete against two seasoned professionals, McQueen receives to recognize the town's offbeat characters.

Original title Cars
TMDb Rating 6.7 8416 votes

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