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A Hero Will Rise. 2000/5/1 171 min.


The Gladiator movie was released in early 1997. It was a huge hit, attracting an international audience, making Gladiator one of the biggest movies of all time. Some people even claim that it's the best movie ever made. Don't laugh, that may be a bit extreme but let's see if this movie will really hold a special place in our hearts.

The plot of the movie is about the rise and fall of a member of the Roman Empire, who becomes known as the Gladiator. In the olden days, gladiators were simply fighters who didn't belong to the royal families or any of the dignitaries in the city. Then this guy who had a reputation for being mean, arrogant and bigoted, decided to follow his conscience and join the Romans, who were famous for their hospitality and making the conquered peoples feel at home.

The story goes that when he gets there, the most famous gladiator in the land went crazy and began killing all of the people he saw as traitors. It all culminated when he killed one of the emperor's sons in front of a crowd of thousands. The problem was that the arena where the fight was being held wasn't enough for the Gladiator to finish off the fight. So he fought another and got killed. His rival was also killed and after some unsuccessful attempts to kill the emperor, the person who paid him to start the fight had to kill him too.

In this story, we get to see what happens to the Emperor Gladiator after the death of his rival. And it turns out that he had been working with God and that's why he was allowed to take the throne. When the emperor dies, everyone who had been trying to kill him was put to death.

But, it still wasn't the end. God does this because he knows that Nero will take over and try to kill the other gods for failing to provide immortality to man. So, God has the final say when the Emperor Gladiator dies.

It was a very interesting story, and the movie itself was actually really good. The characters were all well designed and with enough of them that you could easily identify with any of them. The actors did their job well too. They really seemed to want to make the best of their roles.

Unfortunately, since the movie is so popular, some people have been trying to sell online movie sites on the idea of putting it on their site. While the screenplay was pretty good, I am afraid that this idea of having the online movie sites re-release the movie is probably just a bad idea. Even the best movies deserve to be re-released on DVD if the director deems it necessary.

Please don't be the next group that tries to sell online movie sites on this idea. Hopefully this movie will always be part of your collection of classics.

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