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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 1977/5/25 121 min.


'Star Wars' changed a lot from what until then was understood as a spectacle on the big screen and, outside of it, it also operated very important changes in the way in which the cinema would begin to massively exploit the possibilities little explored until then of merchandising, being Lucas's pioneer tape in generating thousands and thousands of different products with which to remove the rooms to those parents who were harassed before the shocks of their children for possessing everything that related to the fascinating universe that the filmmaker built by reinterpreting literary mythologies, film genres and religious-philosophical teachings.

One of those products, which he would give for an exclusive entrance, was of course the soundtrack with which John Williams would categorically alter the way in which the industry had been contemplating film music during the previous decade and a half: recovering for Hollywood the most bombastic orchestral sounds, the almost two hours of music that the teacher wrote for 'Star Wars' very soon transcended the big screen to, first, break sales records with the double LP that contained hour and quarter of the The composer's work and, later, echoing the sociological phenomenon that was the tape, ending up in the discotheques of the time with versions - quite tacky, everything is said - of some of his themes.

It said before that the story that George Lucas hilvana in this initial chapter of the original trilogy does not shine precisely because of its complexity, an affirmation to which we would have to add that, at times, its dialogues move through areas close to the blush. But both ends are crushed, already by the magic that distills the whole set thanks to the epic tone that is derived from the substrate on the force and the jedi, already for the reasons that we have been giving in the course of the entrance, because, in visual terms, we must recognize the director the splendid work he performs after the objective and in the assembly room.

We commented before: the narrative fluency of 'Star Wars', which prevents it from having a single dead time, takes us from one place to another with extreme ease - imaginative curtains through - that the perception at the end that we have been two hours in front of the screen we find it very difficult to believe, watch now the movie and see it for yourself. Especially when the surprise is always around the corner and Lucas knows how to keep the suspense in such a way that, although it is easy to anticipate the victory of good over evil, we will not be able to read from a distance how it will be.

Plagued by incredible shots, we think it is necessary to point out, given the personal character that we have tried to give to this entry, to those who always manage to get us excited like the first day: the sun setting of the we talked before, the conversation of Luke and Obi-Wan about the force that we also cited above, the duel between the latter and Darth Vader —which was seen with infant eyes was incredible—, the two-way chase by the star of the death, the leap of Luke and Leia or the moment when he disconnects the target computer from the X-wing to let the Force guide his steps and how Williams's music theme comes in there.

All of them - to which we would add, of course, the final apotheosis in the throne room with the motive of the orchestrated force as a triumphal march - and many more, speak unequivocally of the everlasting greatness that 121 of the more great minutes of cinema to which many of us have been able to peek throughout our lives. There would be much more to say, but everything we could add would continue to imply the consideration of this wonderful film, in the eyes of the one who subscribes, as an unrepeatable classic that, however and as we all know, will be exceeded broadly by that masterpiece that is his immediate continuation, watch online 'Star Wars', and may the force be with you.

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